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Iljimae Season 1 Episode 5
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Iljimae Season 1 Episode 5

Bong Soon and her father continue their scheme, but Yong finds them and takes back the money he was scammed for. While he asks Slick to find back his mother and sister, Bong Soon overhears him and decides to scam him again for that. On the other hand, Hunter Jang is on to something and is sure that Yong is the son of a traitor. He wants to catch him, denounce him, and get the compensation money to pay off his debt to Slick. Bong Soon tries to get some documents that might help him find his mother and sister, but these documents are sealed in a secret vault. While Yong…

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Serie: Iljimae

Episode Title: Episode 5

Air Date: 2008-06-04