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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 11

A cold noodle dish cooked with mineral water is highly praised by King JoongJong, and GeumYoung and JangGeum win recognition from Court Lady Han. Court Lady Min and JoBang are held responsible for the food poisoning and not allowed to access ToiSunGan (One of the Royal kitchens in the palace). This gives JangGeum the chance to access ToiSunGan, where her mother has hidden a recipe book she has written. JangGeum is excited with the idea of retrieving the recipe book her mother has left her.

Court Lady Choi orders GeumYoung to hide a talisman, which will force the pregnant Queen to have a princess, for the welfare of Choi family. YeonSang witnesses JangGeum and GeumYoung coming in and out of ToiSunGan looking for or hiding something. JangGeum is accused of hiding the talisman and gets locked up in a storehouse. Because NaIn Park has told her that under no circumstances should she reveal her recipe book and the letter, JangGeum is unable to prove her innocence. YeonSaeng testifies that she saw GeumYoung hiding something in ToiSunGan. GeumYoung also gets locked up in the storehouse and the Choi family faces a crisis as a result.

Episode Title: Episode 11

Air Date: 2003-10-20