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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 12

Chief Court Lady stops Court Lady Jung while taking JangGeum and GeumYoung to Royal Military office for a trial. Chief Court Lady persuades Court Lady Jung, but doubting her intention, Court Lady Jung gives Chief Court Lady 24 hours. Choi, PanSool plots to save GeumYoung and Choi family. On the following day, Court Lady Jung regrets giving Chief Court Lady 24 hours when Chief Court Lady’s attitude has changed. Court Lady Jung decides to conceal the incident after Court Lady Han begs for JangGeum’s life.

The eldest son of the King has fallen ill after having chicken porridge Gang, DukGoo, the male banquet chef, has prepared. Gang, DukGoo is taken to NaeSiBoo (King’s secretariat) for investigation but the Crown Prince’s Palace has decided that Prince is paralyzed because of food poisoning and not of illness.

Court ladies of the Royal Kitchen and JangGeum investigate the cause but the situation becomes more and more unfavorable to Gang and he is subjected to a severe cross-examination.

Episode Title: Episode 12

Air Date: 2003-10-21