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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 13

JangGeum proves that the cause of the Prince being paralyzed is not from the food poisoning but from ginseng, maximizing the effect of nutmeg by taking ginseng and nutmeg herself. Although paralysis symptoms have faded, JangGeum suffers from losing her sense of taste and has hard time seasoning the food.

On the day of celebrating Chief Court Lady’s birthday, JangGeum assists Court Lady Jung in preparing a beef casserole, as per tradition, but Chief Court Lady is dissatisfied with the food. Chief Court Lady and Choi family plot to remove Court Lady Jung from her position on the basis of her health.

After noticing their plan, Court Lady Jung requests King JoongJong to have a Royal Culinary Competition to select the best Court Lady of the Royal Kitchen, a wish which is pleasantly granted by the King.

Court Lady Han appoints JangGeum as her chief assistant and orders her to assist her. However, JangGeum refuses to take the position as she has lost her sense of taste. Despite knowing JangGeum may not be able to get her sense of taste back, Court Lady Han still appoints JangGeum as her chief assistant.

Episode Title: Episode 13

Air Date: 2003-10-27