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Jewel in the Palace Season 1 Episode 5

While JagnGeum is practicing pine nut preparation under the moon light, she gets the chance to talk to GeumYoung. Not knowing who GeumYoung is, JangGeum tells her that the rest of SaengGakSi group have been complaining about her.

GeumYoung teaches JangGeum how to prepare pine nuts. On the day of testing culinary skills, JangGeum is shocked to find out who GeumYoung is. The group of SaengGakSi is tested in their pine nut preparation skills and JangGeum takes the second place after GeumYoung. This incident causes the group of SaengGakSi to misunderstand JangGeum. A doctor disguised as a lady enters the residence of the Court lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen to examine the pulse for a diagnosis. On his way out, he is caught by a royal guard, which puts the Choi family in jeopardy. As the court lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen is about to be removed from her position, Oh, GyumHo and Chief Court lady appoints Court lady Jung as the successor, because she will behave like their puppet. The rumor that Court Lady Jung will be appointed as the court lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen is flying, and NaIn and SaengGakSi are agitated by the news.

On the contrary to what Court Lady Choi has expected, newly appointed Court Lady in charge of the Royal Kitchen, Court Lady Jung, denies the existence of the absolute sense of taste and orders GeumYoung, who is seated next to her, to sit amongst SaengGakSi at the congratulatory ceremony. Also, Court Lady Jung insists that she will evaluate everyone for their capacity and will appoint her successor accordingly.

GeumYoung studies culinary arts under Court Lady Choi and JangGeum does the same under Court Lady Han…

Episode Title: Episode 05

Air Date: 2003-09-29